The color variation and figure in this Hawthorn wood cuff are definitely some of mother natures finest work. There is also a pop of turquoise inlay that follows the twists, turns and swirls of the stunning wood grain, making this a truly special one of a kind piece.


PLEASE NOTE: Your cuff will not look exactly like the cuff in the photograph. Your cuff will be made out of the same Hawthorn wood that is pictured, which guarantees that your cuff will have the same beautiful swirls of light and dark wood complimented by a pop of turquoise inlay. We always do our best put pick the most interesting/highly figured piece we have available for your jewelry order. 


Materials : Hawthorn wood,  crushed turquoise inlay


Cuff Measurment :  3/4" wide


Sizes: Small: 2 1/8" Wrist, 1 1/8" Opening

           Medium: 2 1/4" Wrist, 1 1/4" Opening

           Large: 2 5/8" Wrist, 1 1/2" Opening 

"Wrist" measurment is taken across the widest part of the top of the wrist


Custom Size: Please see FIT & FAQ if you have chosen to order a custom size. Also please remember to include your measurements in the text field. 


Song: "Tangled up in Blue" - Bob Dylan



Tangled up in Blue Wide Cuff

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