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Baffalo Nickel Ring

*Ready to ship in 3 to 4 days


I made one of these awhile back to see if I could. I never thought it would be my “go-to”, but I find myself reaching for it every morning. 


The Buffalo Nickel is a U.S. five-cent coin that was designed by sculptor James Earle Fraser in 1912. It was part of the Mint’s campaign to beautify American coinage and featured a realistic portrait of a Native American on one side and an image of a buffalo on the other.


Size: 10


Materials: Buffalo Nickel, sterling silver



-High polish

-Half round ring band

-Set to display buffalo side of coin


Handmade: Means no two pieces are alike. Each piece is created start to finish with a little bit of grit and a lot of attention to detail. The creator brought it to life slowly and with intention. Handmade is high quality but it's not without flaws, and you can be assured with you hold something handmade you can feel it's warmth and soul because it was 100% made with heart.

Buffalo Nickel Ring

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