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Medium Apple Wood Treasure Bowl

*Ready to ship in 3 to 4 days 


This beautiful piece of Colorado Crabapple Wood has been hand turned into a perfectly/imperfect bowl to store all of your most favorite treasures.  An heirloom pendant passed down from your grandmother,  that rock that stopped you in your tracks while hiking your first 14er, dried lavender that you pulled from your garden at the end of the season, that coin that you kept to remind you of a time when you traveled freely and explored the country your ancestors were from.  Special tokens deserve a special home.  A vessel that can sit out in plain sight and make you smile as you pass.  A home as beautiful as they are. 


Size: 4.75" wide x 1.5" tall 


Materials: Crabapple wood



-Finished with Walnut oil

-Matte look, soft to the touch

-Small character chip on the edge that follows the knot in the wood grain

-The most beautiful wood grain pattern compliments of Mother Nature herself


Handmade: Means no two pieces are alike. Each piece is created start to finish with a little bit of grit and a lot of attention to detail. The creator brought it to life slowly and with intention. Handmade is high quality but it's not without flaws, and you can be assured when you hold something handmade you can feel it's warmth and soul because it was made 100% with heart.

Medium Apple Wood Treasure Bowl

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