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Star of the Show Earrings

*Ready to ship in 3 to 4 days


These were the last pieces made for the Back to Basics release.  While it may be argued they are a little more than basic, they are the earrings you will reach for to go with all of your perfectly loved staples. These are the earrings that make your white t-shirt, and favorite worn-in jeans feel like your ultimate conquer the world outfit while still feeling true to yourself. 


Length: 2.75"


Materials: Turquoise, Sterling silver



-Ear wires

-Brushed finish

-Silver "fringe"


Handmade: Means no two pieces are alike. Each piece is created start to finish with a little bit of grit and a lot of attention to detail. The creator brought it to life slowly and with intention. Handmade is high quality but it's not without flaws, and you can be assured when you hold something handmade you can feel it's warmth and soul because it was made 100% with heart.

Star of the Show Earrings

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